Ohio/West Virginia/Western Pennsylvania Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)

AICUO joined Case Western Reserve University and the Ohio State University in recruiting independent Ohio institutions to join the OH/WV/WPA HERC. HERCs are consortia of higher education institutions (and some related corporate and non-profit organizations) that share a commitment to hiring the most talented, diverse faculty and staff. Nationally, there are over 15 regional HERCs that include a total of over 600 institutions that work together to address recruitment strategies. HERCs maintain regional and national job-seeking web sites, do outreach to attract the most diverse pools, facilitate dual-career job-seeking and offer purchasing discounts and professional development to member institutions. Prospective job-seekers can easily identify potential positions for partners within easy commuting distance of potential target institutions of higher education.

AICUO maintains a non-voting member status with the OH/WV/WPA HERC in support of this collaboration, and a staff member sits on the Advisory Board.

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