AICUO Chief Enrollment Officers

At the request of two member institutions, AICUO invited the Chief Enrollment Officers of the Association to attend a meeting in June 2014 to explore common areas of interest and concern around questions of:

  • Public Policy (national and State) as legislative, executive and Regents-level decisions influence enrollment and financial aid;
  • Public Relations, given both the demographic changes and the regional and national messages about higher education and independent higher education influence enrollment, and;
  • Programmatic possibilities at the regional and national levels that might offer opportunities to our institutions to expand reach and manage resources in the recruitment and retention of our students.

The Chief Enrollment Officers of over 30 member institutions attended the June meeting at Otterbein University and generated a list of potential points of collaboration.

The Chief Enrollment Officers have collaborated to hold the first Ohio Independent College Visit Days in the summer of 2015 and have kicked off a marketing campaign on behalf of the sector with a target audience of potential students and their parents.